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Silk & Ivory
Silk & Ivory
Coverage estimations for Brown Paper Packages' Silk & Ivory:
  • 20 square inches on #13 canvas
  • 19 square inches on #14 canvas
  • 17 square inches on #16 canvas
  • 15 square inches on #18 canvas
Each 50% silk and 50% Merino wool skein contains 28.8 yards of yarn.

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Silk & Ivory Blue Flowers
Blue Flowers
Silk & Ivory Odd Blue Things
Odd Blue Things
Silk & Ivory Musical Moon Blues
Musical Moon Blues

 Silk & Ivory Periwinkle Blues
 Periwinkle Blues
Silk & Ivory Tried and True Blues
Tried and True Blues
Silk & Ivory Watery Blues
Watery Blues
Silk & Ivory Zingy Blue Things
Zingy Blue Things
 Silk & Ivory Various Purples
  Various Purple Things

Silk & Ivory Fantastic Purples
Fantastic Purples
Silk & Ivory Purple Flowers
Purple Flowers
Silk and Ivory Pinkish Purple Flowers
Pinkish Purple Flowers
 Silk & Ivory Mardi Gras Purples
  Mardi Gras Purples
Silk & Ivory All by Itself
All by Itself
Silk & Ivory Musical Roses
Musical Roses
Silk and Ivory Sweet Pink Things
Sweet Pink Things
 Silk & Ivory More Sweet Pink Things
  More Sweet Pink Things
Silk & Ivory Unusual Pink Things
Unusual Pink Things
Silk & Ivory Pink Cocktails
Pink Cocktails
Silk and Ivory Sweet Pink Flowers
Pink Flowers
 Silk & Ivory Seafood Platter
 Seafood Platter
Silk & Ivory Earthy Pink Things
Earthy Pink Things
Silk & Ivory Edible Pink Things
Edible Pink Things
Silk and Ivory Wine Reds
Wine Reds
 Silk & Ivory Red Fruit
  Red Fruit
Silk & Ivory Red Summer Things
Red Summer Things
Silk & Ivory Tomato Reds
Tomato Reds
Silk and Ivory Other Orange Things
Other Orange Things
 Silk & Ivory Orange Fruit
  Orange Fruit
Silk & Ivory Pantry Yellows
Pantry Yellows
Silk & Ivory Miscellaneous Yellows
Miscellaneous Yellows
Silk & Ivory Miscellaneous Yellows
More Yellows
Silk & Ivory Green Cocktails
Green Cocktails
Silk & Ivory Desert Greens
Desert Greens
Silk & Ivory Other Edible Green Things
Other Edible Green Things
Silk & Ivory Green Fruits
Green Fruits
Silk & Ivory Irish Greens
Irish Greens
Silk & Ivory Green Plants
Green Plants
Silk & Ivory Green Veggies
Green Veggies
Silk & Ivory Green Fruits
More Green Veggies
Silk & Ivory Watery Greens
Watery Greens
Silk & Ivory Greenish Browns
Greenish Browns
Silk & Ivory Yellowish Browns
Yellowish Browns
Silk & Ivory Fungus Family
Fungus Family
Silk & Ivory Taupe Browns
Taupe Browns
Silk & Ivory Coffee Browns
Coffee Browns
Silk & Ivory Spice Browns
Spice Browns
Silk & Ivory Neutrals
Silk & Ivory Miscellaneous Gray & Black Things
Miscellaneous Gray & Black Things

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